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Welcome to my little piece of paradise! A 1,400 sqft New England Cape nestled in the woods and only minutes from lake life.  A home I lovingly refer to as a 'micro mansion' (she may be little, but she's full of sass and style).  Have a look!

the porch life

The gem and heart of the home, the front porch.  I swear, once you've lived the front porch life, you can never go back.   It's also the dogs favorite place where they are perched high above the road and spend their time hollering down to their doggo friends walking by (I choose to believe they are yelling 'good mornin y'all' and not barking vicious death threats.  But it's hard to tell sometimes).



The biggest room in the house and a kitchen of endless cupboards (most of which I can't reach at my 5'2 height).  This kitchen had good bones but was stuck in the faux Tuscan style of the 2000s. Goodbye dark and dreary Mahogany!

I am in love with my new kitchen! It's the fresh boho kitchen of my dreams, and we did it with a $600 budget.


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Where Tennie & Co. was born! I unapologetically wanted all my design styles to be represented in my office, and trust me, its an eclectic mix of tastes.  Here's my attempt at describing it.... midcentury-boho-vintage-americana-goth?  It's by far the boldest room in the house, but the most authentically 'me'. 

overlay other option-2.jpg

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dining room

Officially the dining room, but really the party plant room.  Here is where many of our plant babes live until warm weather hits and we all move the party to the front porch.  This chandelier gives me 50's hotel lobby vibes and you can usually here crooning coming from the record player.  


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