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Living in New England means I get to enjoy lake life, mountain views, rustic farms, and towns rich in history--all of which inspire me.  I love whimsical designs, vintage

mid-century Americana, pastel colors, and believe you can never have too many floral printed blouses.  You'll often find me enjoying tea on the porch with Seth and my two doggos.

about me

the name

Tennie & Co. is named after my Cherokee great-grandaunt,  Tennessee Waters, who went by 'Tennie'.   

a few facts


1.  I collect Fire King Jadeite glass tableware

2.  My favorite holiday is Halloween

3.  I listen to Martin Denny when I work

4.  Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday to design 

5.  I love little towns, vintage diners, and big white farmhouses

the team




Brains behind the operation.  Still wants designs to be centered even though he's been taught about the rule of thirds many times...



Social Media Manager

Always on the nose with social media trends. Next project is becoming a tik tok E-girl.

jackson sticking his tongue out_edited.j


Chief Information Security Officer

Our sweet boy Jackson crossed the rainbow bridge June 2023.  He still manages operations, just from a higher view ❤️

Manages all security at Tennie & Co.  You can usually find him talking about whatever new ball he got over the weekend by the water bowls.

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