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I am beyond excited that my art print 'Path' will be sold @minted and @WestElm. ⁠

I was inspired to design a collection of modern, mid-century art prints this year and I am thrilled that one will be sold in West Elm in partnership with Minted.

I fell in love with mid-century design growing up at the my grandparents' house. They had the quinicential mid-century house, still furnished with their 60's furniture, and a basment that doubled as a swanky lounge complete with a dance floor, record player, and full bar.

I would put on my favorite record-- Herb Albert Whipped Cream & Other Delights-- and pretend to make fancy cocktails at the bar with old soda water that I found in the mini fridge.

This album hangs in my dining room in one of the record holders Seth built. We show you how to make them yourself here

Also no one seemed concerned that a 7 year old's favorite record had a naked lady covered in whip cream on the front? LOL. At least I never brought it in to show and tell at school....

My family also had a motel in the Pocons that opened in the 1950's and operated until the 90's. The Poconos became famous in the 60's and 70's as a summer family vacation spot, and later as a honeymoon destination which is where it gets its tag line, 'Poconos are for Lovers'.

Long gone are the infamous heart shaped hot tubs and many resorts and motels. Much of the area has closed down or been abandonded. Oh what I would have given to experience the Poconos in its heyday!

My family sold their hotel about 15 years ago and unfortunately after years of neglect, it was demolished. Since then I've been scooping up any vintage postcards I can find on Ebay like the one pictured above.

When I was thinking of art to design for this collection, I kept coming back to what I imagined would hang on the walls of these vintage motels. I created a few pieces and I'm so excited that one was chosen for the West Elm x Minted collection.

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Here are a few other pieces from the art collection:




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Hi! I'm Erin—a New England based artist and the designer behind the brand, Tennie and Co. 

Here I share a little about my life as an illustrator, artist, small business owner, introverted empath, and DIYer.  You'll find what I've learned, what I'm working on, and what inspires me.

I hope my creative journey sparks a little inspiration and creativity in your life!


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