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farmhouse rustic wood bead garland decor

I've been seeing wood bead garlands popping up everywhere! These décor beads can add style to your fireplace mantel, centerpiece, or coffee table. I love the natural look and they are super easy to make at home. I've seen a range of prices for décor beads from $99 at Pottery Barn to $20 on Amazon, but I made this strand for only $8!


- Jute twine (I used 2mm natural jute rope)

- Round wood beads (I used 20mm natural cherry wood beads)

* please note that price changes may have occurred since I purchased items.

Supplies needed for wood bead garland


First step is to make two tassels. I used my palm as a size guide and wrapped the twine about 30 times around my hand.

Thicker Tassel: increase the number of times you wrap the twine around.

Longer Tassel: Use a book or something similar to wrap around.

Next, slide the twine off your hand and secure with a loose knot with an extra piece of twine. Keep your knot loose because we will be removing the knot when we are attach the tassels to the string of beads.

Now you have yourself a little tassel voodoo doll. You can continue making a tassel or switch to a sacrificial ceremony (the choice is yours).

About a quarter way down your tassel use a piece of twine to tie off the top of your tassel. Secure with at least two knots and trim off the ends.

Tip: I used a piece of tape as my guide to cut a straight bottom for my ends.

Time to string your wooden beads. I used 50 beads (size 2mm) to create a 36 inch strand of beads.

There are two possible options for attaching your tassels to the end of your bead string. I tried both and they worked equally well.

Option 1: Use the end of the bead string to feed through the top of the tassel and back through the last bead. Tie the twine to the bead twine securely and trim the ends.

Option 2: Use the end of the bead string to feed through the top of the tassel and secure with a knot and trim the ends. With this way, I recommend putting a drop of hot glue over the knot to make sure if the tassel is pulled it won't undo the knot.




meet erin

Hi! I'm Erin—a New England based artist and the designer behind the brand, Tennie and Co. 

Here I share a little about my life as an illustrator, artist, small business owner, introverted empath, and DIYer.  You'll find what I've learned, what I'm working on, and what inspires me.

I hope my creative journey sparks a little inspiration and creativity in your life!


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